The five most important things you must have on your website

 Posted by Manjula Kerai on May 7, 2022

These five things will help you with your websites, your email and social media campaigns, elevator pitches, and sales scripts. It will help you create better material So that potential customers can get their hands on your offer. Helps people understand why they need your offer and if your offer is crystal clear to potential customers, it leads them to buy and people want to be led as it helps them solve their problems.

Marketing is a money pit if you don’t get your messaging right. You can get serious traction just by paying attention to your website. Your website isn’t the only thing that you need to motivate your customers to buy but it usually does the heavy lifting. People meet you during networking events and also hear about you through word-of-mouth and social media, but they will definitely go to your website to learn more. When they get there, their hopes should be confirmed, they should be convinced at first glance that you have the solutions to their specific problems. In short, your website needs to pass the grunt test and convert browsers into buyers.

KISS - The days of having so much information on your website are over keep it simple. Now the internet has changed, people don’t want to be reading too much, they just want to know and feel that you can solve their problem. So your website should be the equivalent of an elevator pitch. After networking, your website is likely, the first impression a potential customer will receive about your business, it’s like a first date, the customer simply needs to know that you may have something worth pursuing and that you could be trusted to deliver it. Even if you're well established, a cluttered website, will frighten buyers off, and we all want more buyers, that’s why your website matters.

The five most important things about your website to get great results!

1.An offer above the fold

2.Obvious calls to action

3.Images of success

4.A bite size breakdown of what you do

5.Very few words

An offer above the fold is the first most important thing to get results, keep it short, enticing, and exclusively customer-centric. For example, a teaching school would say teaching you to become a pro in the kitchen,

CTA direct buy now button and transitional learn more button, it should make sense and be enticing.

Images of success, smiling happy people who have had a positive, pleasurable experience in engaging in your brand. You need to communicate a sense of health, well-being and satisfaction with your brand and the easiest way to do this is through happy people.

Bite-sized breakdown of what you do, a common problem businesses have is communicating simply about what you do, I’ve helped a client with two main products, she was confused about which she should feature, we got around it by finding an umbrella message that unifies the various coaching packages she offers.

And the final thing that is most important on your website is very few words, people don’t want to read websites anymore, they just scan them, write it in as much morse code as you can, especially on the homepage or landing page, as in short and punchy, to the point. Make it brief and relevant to your customers. For example, a financial planner could say, gain financial peace of mind. As the customer scrolls down, it's ok to use more and more words, if you want to explain in more detail, just add a read more link after a short introduction, so that people can go and expand it if they want to. That way you’re not bombarding people with too much text, the rule is the fewer words you use the more likely it is that people will read them, too much text and your customer will hear noise.

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