What is the process of getting a website launched?

 Posted by Manjula Kerai on May 11, 2022

The process is a little longwinded, however, your web designer will take you through it step by step.

Step 1: You will be invited to an Initial Consultation (email, phone, zoom or in-person).

Step 2: You'll be provided with a Price Quote or Proposal.

Step 3: Statement of Work (SOW) is discussed and drawn up.

Step 4: Website Design/Development Contract is sent to you for approval.

Step 5: You pay a Non-Refundable 50% Deposit to get the show on the road.

Step 6: You'll be invited to a meeting to Deep Dive (Sitemap/pages, set goals, expectations, and review sites together).

Step 7: We will then submit 5-10 Templates or a 2-page Custom Mock-up, depending on your needs.

Step 8: Content is requested from you. (including but not limited to logo, brand guidelines, images, text content).

Step 9: Development begins, your website is started on our server.

Step 10: You are provided with the 1st look at your website and we request revisions.

Step 11: You make the next payment of 25% to move forward with revisions.

Step 12: Internally revisions are made, and link is resent to you to view.

Step 13: You provide second and last set of revisions. We make the changes.

Step 14: You're given a final review of your website, for your approval.

Step 15: Once your desktop website is approved, we ensure it is mobile responsive.

Step 16: We then testing your website on multiple, browsers, devices, screen sizes, contact forms, navigation items and hyperlinks.

Step 17: You make your final payment of 25%.

Step 18: We migrate your website to your hosting server (or hand over files).

Step 19: An email with login’s & passwords will be provided to you, you have full control of your website.

Step 20: You are offered additional services and/or 1-on-1 tutorial with the developer for $120 per hour.

Step 21: You have 7 days to review and notify us of any errors free. Updates are fixed free of charge.

And there you have it, Enjoy your website for years to come.

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